How You Can Get Mega Rich😎 in 2024: The 5 Top Altcoins You Must Have in Your Portfolio Now🚀💰

Shantanu Gupta
4 min readMay 17, 2024

The cryptocurrency market is always growing and changing, and traders are constantly on the lookout for the next big investment. With Bitcoin (BTC) experiencing some challenges, the focus has shifted to altcoins.

1. KangaMoon (KANG)

KangaMoon (KANG) is a standout altcoin with strong ties to the burgeoning Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming market. According to Yahoo Finance, the P2E market is projected to reach $8,856 million by 2028, and KangaMoon is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth with the launch of its own P2E game. Currently priced at just $0.025 during its presale Bonus Stage, KangaMoon has already provided early investors with over 400% ROI. Experts predict a 100x surge once KANG is listed on a Tier-1 exchange in Q2 of 2024, making it a top contender for significant gains. Join the presale now✨

Key Features

• In-Game Currency: KANG will serve as the primary currency within its P2E game, allowing users to upgrade characters and purchase in-game items.
• Exclusive Rewards: Holding KANG gives access to exclusive weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges for additional rewards.
• SocialFi Aspect: Active community members receive free KANG tokens before the official launch, boosting engagement and growth.

2. Render (RNDR)

Render (RNDR) has seen its value surge by over 500% in the past year, with a current market cap of $4 billion. This growth is expected to continue, especially after Apple mentioned Render’s 3D design software, Octane, in its keynote presentation. Render’s strong technical foundation and high-profile mentions position it as a must-watch altcoin for 2024.

Key Features

• Bullish Technical Indicators: RNDR trades above its 50 and 100-day EMAs and boasts 25 green technical indicators.
• Market Forecast: Experts predict RNDR will rise to $15.30 by the end of Q2 2024.

3. Ethena (ENA)

Ethena (ENA) has shown a 30% increase in value over the past 12 months, bolstered by significant partnerships, such as with Bybit, which integrated USDe as a collateral asset for derivatives trading. These developments and strong technical indicators make Ethena a noteworthy altcoin for potential growth.

Key Features

• Technical Strength: ENA has 13 technical indicators in the buy zone.
• Price Prediction: Analysts forecast ENA to reach $1.30 by Q2 2024.

4. Ondo (ONDO)

Ondo (ONDO) has experienced a 400% increase in value year-to-date, with a market cap of $1.15 billion. Its momentum is supported by partnerships such as Zebec’s integration of USDY functionality into the Zebec card. Ondo’s consistent performance and strong partnerships make it a solid addition to any crypto portfolio.

Key Features

• Technical Indicators: Over 15 indicators are showing green for ONDO.
• Future Potential: Experts predict ONDO will trade at $1.18 by the end of Q2 2024.

5. (FET)

Overview (FET) has seen its price grow by over 800% in the last 12 months. This growth is expected to continue following the integration of Meta’s Llama 3–8B into its network, enhancing its AI agents’ capabilities.’s advancements in AI and strong technical performance make it a promising altcoin for significant returns.

Key Features

• Technical Strength: FET trades above its 100 and 200-day EMAs and has 24 technical indicators in the buy zone.
• Price Prediction: Analysts foresee FET reaching a value of $3.34 by Q2 2024.

So concluding all, The top altcoins discussed here — KangaMoon, Render, Ethena, Ondo, and — are poised for tremendous growth in 2024. KangaMoon, with its low market cap of $25 million and strong market positioning, stands out as a particularly promising investment. If you’re looking to invest in altcoins with high potential, these five should be at the top of your list.

Thanks for reading. Drop a like and share your thoughts or the cryptos you are investing in.


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