How I make Everyday More Than $1000 A Day With Crypto In Bybit Without Doing Anything +($30,000 gift for new user)

Shantanu Gupta
6 min readFeb 7, 2024

Hey, so the way I am earning more than $1000 in a day is with a trading bot. I know there's risk too, but I never lose anything because when I put some money on the bot, if it’s going on loss, I never stop it because today it is a loss, but tomorrow the price will increase again and I'll make a profit but sometimes price can be loss for more than 1 day, it all depends on how you set up the bot. And I usually use bybit copy bots. There’s also a lending and saving option from which you can earn money without losing it. And to get 30,000 USDT and more gifts, Click the link down below.

$30,000 gift for new user:

Trading Bot:

. Grid Bot works by placing orders below the reference price of a crypto asset and sell orders above the reference price. These buy and sell orders are equidistant from each other (called “grids”) and can be set within a strict price range. Grid bots are designed to take advantage of price volatility, i.e., sideways price movements of crypto assets. As the price rises, it triggers a sell order, and a new buy order is placed below the crypto asset’s price to essentially “replace” the most recently executed sell order. Similarly, as the price drops, it triggers a buy order, and a new sell order is placed above the crypto asset’s price to “replace” the most recently executed buy order. The difference between buy and sell orders (grids) is the profit.

. DCA Bot involves purchasing a fixed amount of a particular cryptocurrency at regular intervals rather than timing one large purchase. By using DCA bots, you gain the flexibility to set the frequency and amount of your trades. This means that you can select how often you want to make purchases, giving you the ability to choose a frequency and amount that suits your investment strategy and risk tolerance.

. Martingale Bot is built on the traditional Martingale strategy to automatically place an additional order when the market price experiences a specific percentage increase or decrease in an attempt to recover all losses and eventually make a profit when the market moves in your favor. However, considering its unpredictable nature, it can result in bigger losses if your account runs out of funds before the bot can recover the losses or if the bot settings are not fitted for the current market movements.

Bybit Lending

Bybit Lending is a safe and easy way to grow your crypto holdings. By transferring your idle cryptocurrencies into Asset Pools, you can earn hourly interest income, as these assets are loaned out to other Bybit users for Margin Trading, Crypto Loans and more.

To ensure the safety of your assets, Bybit manages the risks of loaned assets using multiple measures, such as collateral value ratios, conservative liquidation thresholds, and an Insurance Fund.


  • Earn Hourly Interest: Earn interest every hour, starting from one (1) hour after you successfully make a deposit to Bybit Lending. Hourly interest in Bybit Lending is generated from the interest paid by borrowers who borrow assets from the asset pools where users have lent their assets.
    Please note that the interest rates are variable and updated every 10 minutes to reflect changes in borrowing demand.
  • Flexible Redemption: You can redeem your funds at any time, and the successful redemptions will be credited immediately.
  • Loan Assets with Low Risk: The product is equipped with sophisticated security measures and risk control systems to ensure your loaned assets stay safe. Plus, all assets deposited into Bybit Lending are kept within the platform and are used solely to support their lending business, with no outflow of funds for any other purpose.

Bybit Savings:

Bybit Savings (previously known as Bybit Staking) is a passive income, flexible investment plan for users to earn yields from their unused funds in the platform by depositing them in a staking pool. The staked assets can be withdrawn flexibly depending upon the chosen staking period — flexible or fixed-term.

Participants who stake their assets can now earn interest at an annualized percentage rate (APR), just as they would earn interest by opening a savings account in a traditional bank. The only difference is that Bybit Savings is based on crypto assets, instead of fiat currency.

When staking for a flexible term, you can unstake and liquify your assets however you’d like. Conversely, if you’re staking for a fixed term, you can earn a higher yield in return on capital from locking your assets with the platform for a longer duration.

Whether you’re an advanced trader or a novice, Bybit Savings is one of the easiest ways to earn crypto without strenuously monitoring the market. Beyond the actively listed new tokens for those with a higher risk appetite, you’ll find most blue-chip coins with competitive yields, such as BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC.

Of note here is that the yields on Bybit Savings are not non-compounded. In other words, investors must manually compound their yields by reinvesting their assets in order to generate additional yields within the minimum staked amount requirement.

At end, the most money I earned was through bots and bybit savings. I do not use lending much because you get interest, but you can make more money by saving or trading bots in less time. ($30,000 gift for new user)



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